Oxygen Gas Compressor


What is a  oxygen gas compressor?

A compressor for oxygen is a piece of equipment that compresses oxygen gas in the air. It is utilized in many different industries, such as industrial, medical, and research. The oxygen gas compressors are offered in a range of capacities and sizes, to meet the requirements of various uses.

The oxygen gas compressor operates by drawing air into it and compressing it. The air is initially taken into the compressor by filters, which eliminates any impurities. After that, the air gets compressed with either a screw or piston that increases its pressure. This compressed air is stored in tanks until it’s needed.

How an oxygen compressor works

  1. Air is drawn into the compressor through a filter.
  2. The air is compressed by a piston or a screw.
  3. The compressed air is passed through a sieve bed.
  4. The sieve bed removes the nitrogen from the air.
  5. The oxygen is stored in a tank.

There are many benefits to using an oxygen compressor

increase productivity

cut costs

improve security



Oxygen gas compressors are used in a variety of industries, including:

Medical: Oxygen gas compressors are used in hospitals and other medical facilities to provide oxygen to patients.
Industrial: Oxygen gas compressors are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as welding, metalworking, and glassblowing.
Research: Oxygen gas compressors are used in research laboratories to study the properties of oxygen gas.


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